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Seriously oddball and weird; mostly NPCs, with some fun artifacts, minor choirs and bands, the occasional fan fiction and adventure seed. Warning: may make your brain hurt.

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Editor's Picks:

In Nomine (official page)* - The official page, with detailed descriptions of all the books (including artwork and excerpts), errata, FAQs, and news.
In Nomine Collection* - The best of the In Nomine mailing list: plot hooks, adventures, NPCs, theories, and tips.

  • The Last Days - A not-quite-canonical view of In Nomine. It contains new genres or modified Superiors (e.g. Uriel or Khalid), NPCs, adventure seeds, genres and rules for adapting In Nomine to a LARP environment genres or playing Word-bound Celestials. Some overlap with the In Nomine genres Collect
  • Morning Star Ascendant - Golem rules, new NPCs, choirs, superiors, plot seeds
  • Nobody Expects the Divine Inquisition - NPCs, gadgets, intriguing new Discords, and house rules.
  • Annotations: In Nomine - New Superiors (including Heretical ones), NPCs, fan fiction horror and the genres odd location or two
  • WebRing: innomine - List of interlinked sites forming the "In Nomine genres RPG Webring".
  • A Most Foolish In Nomine Web Site! - Manny Nepomuceno\\'s In Nomine site, containing sundry game resources for In Nomine. Also includes writeups for In Nomine Dragonlance and In Nomine Philippines.
  • Liber Licentiae Moeticae - Seriously oddball and weird; mostly NPCs, with some genres fun artifacts, genres minor choirs and bands, the occasional genres fan fiction and adventure genres seed. Warning: may make genres your brain hurt.
  • Amad├ín's In Nomine Page - Several thought-provoking NPCs, as well as In Nomine New York genres and San Francisco (see Settings), In Nomine Touched by an genres Angel, and some cuts from the Corporeal Players Guide

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