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The extreme horror role-playing game. can see through the veils.

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Erik Growen's Kult* - Reviews, links, articles from Kult-List archives, reference material from rulebooks, sample adventures, and stories.

  • You will never be free - Beyond the Dream dreamworlds sourcebook, Inferno - resources, including characters and an adventure, Liber Maleficus - 2 campaigns. Beautiful graphical site, but annoying GeoPops, and "poetic" organization. By Jason Just.
  • The Abyss - Art of Hunger adventure, Maps of Hell background. genres Small Kult webring. Lots of bad links.
  • The Machine - Association of Kult Reality Masters (Game Masters). Not horror much here yet.
  • Kristoffer Johansson's Kult site - New archetypes, weapons, dis/advantages, and mental balance rules genres devised by kult one of Kult's original playtesters.

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