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A site devoted to the Sluagh kith, with extended rules; secret societies; new merits, flaws and treasures; Sluagh/Wraith crossover ideas; an art gallery.

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  • Trolls Revised - Offers a view of the trolls as being grounded in changeling the dreaming Old Norse culture. Includes background information on Norse mythology and changeling the dreaming history, troll lores, merits and flaws.
  • WebRing: Kithain - List of interlinking sites that make up "The world of darkness Faerie Ring".
  • Mistypaw's Pooka Place - Features message board and Changeling purity test.
  • Yahoo! Groups: Changeling The Dreaming - Chat room and message board for discussion of the game. Registration required to post.
  • The Freehold of Capricorne - Character website for a satyr, including resources, history changeling the dreaming world of darkness and downloadable art.
  • Knightshade's Page - A page dedicated to Changeling characters run in various games.
  • Sluagh Underground - A site devoted to the Sluagh kith, with horror extended rules; world of darkness secret societies; new merits, flaws and horror treasures; Sluagh/Wraith crossover ideas; world of darkness an art gallery.
  • Scattered Dreams - Detailed information on the Changeling system including errat world of darkness not currently in print.
  • The Changeling Palace - A resource website organized in the format of a giant mansion. Features chatrooms and resources for storytellers and players.
  • The Right to Dream - A collection of storyteller resources including a detailed changeling the dreaming conversion of the Land of OZ as a changeling the dreaming realm in the Dreaming.

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