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White Wolf re-released the World of Darkness setting in 2005, cancelling its older lines.

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Editor's Picks:

White Wolf: Vampire The Requiem* - Official site. Details of new releases, discussion forums, downloads and online store.

  • Diablerie Roleplaying Network - IRC gaming community that plays Vampire the Requiem. Provides instructions for use, storylines and resources.
  • Carthian . com - Resource site focused on the Carthian Movement covenant. world of darkness Including play tips.
  • Ordo Dracul .com - Resource site featuring player made devotions, bloodlines, disciplines, horror fan fiction and discussion forums.
  • Wikipedia - Overview of game including coverage of clans, covenants, vampire the requiem horror differences vs Vampire: The Masquerade and links.
  • Vampire the Requiem: The New Deal - Messageboard based chronicle. Includes guidance on posting format and gaining vampire the requiem xp.
  • St Louis by Night - Chronicle set in St Louis offering chat and vampire the requiem forum based roleplaying.

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