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Features plain text versions of the published rulebooks and adventures. Also includes a discussion of adding extra-dimensional aspects to a campaign.

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  • The Phantom's Marvel RPG Earth - Features a character creation guide, new rules, and super heroes online classic sourcebooks. Also includes campaign background and super heroes characters for classic the Midnight Suns campaign and writeups super heroes of DC characters..
  • The Gates of Alternity - Features plain text versions of the published rulebooks marvel super heroes super heroes and adventures. Also includes a discussion of marvel super heroes super heroes adding extra-dimensional aspects to a campaign.
  • Technohol 13: the Atomic Drink - Campaign background for New Universe, G.I. Joe, Golden Age, Planescape, super heroes and Earth 13. Includes characters, equipment, and background.
  • DEA Headquarters - Campaign notes for the Dead End Avengers and super heroes Midwest Avengers. Includes characters and game logs.
  • Stormangel Mountain: Marvel Super Heroes - Statistics for DC's Watchmen.
  • Benjamin Reilly Presents - Character statistics and online sourcebooks for the DC universe and the Ultimate Marvel universe.
  • Marvel Super Heroes On-Line - Character creation resources, including house rules and home classic brewed characters.
  • The Negative Zone - Collection of character statistics and stand-ups. Also marvel super heroes classic includes some online sourcebooks.
  • Screamin Evel's RPG/CCG Shack - Includes game logs and character statistics for an online campaign. classic Includes downloads of the rules, new rules, and maps classic of important places in the Marvel universe.
  • Heroicus Personae - Features statistics for characters outside the Marvel universe. Also includes super heroes reprints of Dragon magazine articles, and a collection of superpowers super heroes for the game.
  • Yahoo Groups - A New Universe Cometh Forth - Players\\' club where gamers share their favorite moments marvel super heroes and characters. Also allows buying and selling marvel super heroes of out of print products, and online gaming.
  • Truesilver's Lair - Features original characters.
  • Classic Marvel Superheroes RPG - Features character conversion data for multiple rule systems. super heroes super heroes Also includes characters, campaign, and adventure suggestions.
  • 'Nuther World - Features online sourcebooks for Dr. Strange, Pulp Marvel, marvel super heroes super heroes and the Doom Patrol. Also includes campaign marvel super heroes super heroes notes and characters.
  • Raymond's Marvel Database - Database of characters, equipment, bases, and equipment. Also features super heroes variant rules and campaign notes.
  • Stat Index - Alphabetical list of characters with statistics. Includes alternate versions super heroes for Days of Future Present and Heroes Reborn.
  • The Hobgoblins Realm - Collection of previously published characters. Includes a few homemade characters.
  • RPGamer's Station - Features a downloadable character generator, new powers, new super heroes talents, and a name generator. Also includes super heroes characters and a gallery.

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