CORPS Universal Genres Roleplaying

The Complete Omniversal Roleplaying System from the Blacksburg Tactical Research Center -- or CORPS from BTRC for short. A universal game for any setting based on human norms, with detailed combat rules.

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  • CORPS - Review of diceless conspiracy roleplaying game from Politically Incorrect Games.
  • Corps / Kult Conversion Rules - Converting the dark horror setting to the omniversal genres system. From universal Eric Growen's "My Personal Purgatory" pages.
  • Crises in Infinite Worlds Articles - CORPS resources: melee weapon writeups, converting from GURPS universal and Hero, genres spells and monster writeups. John McMullen.
  • Stuff for CORPS - Writeups for vehicles, 1ed NPCs, Barbara Hambly\\'s "Dark", universal Warhammer races, a few variant rules. Bertil Jonell.

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