Fuzion Universal Genres Roleplaying

My Fuzion campaign based in a modern world where conspiracies and spirits are beginning to emerge into the light of day.

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See Also:
  • Nephilim's Song - The framework for a far future campaign where all the universal technology is organic and the spirits are real.
  • DEvermore.net - The host of Cybershards PBEM, Dawn of Legends fuzion Fantasy Fuzion setting, Birthright Fantasy Fuzion setting, The fuzion Foundation Chronicles super hero setting using the Jumpstart fuzion Super Fuzion rules.
  • Bob's Fuzion Page - Contains original plug-ins for magic and super-vehicles.
  • Serena Dawn - A Alien Fuzion campaign setting.
  • TranzFuzion - A list of Web links to Fuzion plug-ins. universal Covers Mecha, genres Vehicles, Superpowers, Cybernetics, Magic, Martial Arts, universal Psionics and Miscellaneous
  • Alien - Background and rules for campaigns based on the fuzion "Alien" movie universal franchise.
  • conFUZION - this site contains rule modifications and plugins for universal Fuzion, some support materials for commercial Fuzion products, universal campaign information, and the occasional flying muffin.
  • Sixten Otto's Fuzion Material - A Fuzion conversion of the Hero System\\'s Ultimate Martial Arts fuzion rules, and graphic badges for webpages.
  • Atomik Fuzion - Atomik Fuzion is the site for you to genres find a fuzion plethora of Fuzion Plug-Ins. They genres range from race creation fuzion to intense combat. genres A definite must see for the fuzion Fuzion player genres / GM.
  • Sengoku.com - Official site for Sengoku: Chanbara Roleplaying in Feudal fuzion Japan, the historical samurai adventure game from Gold fuzion Rush Games.
  • Symbiote War - My Fuzion campaign based in a modern world universal where conspiracies and spirits are beginning to emerge universal into the light of day.

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