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Adventures and adventure-seed collections, ready-to-run for harried GURPS Game Masters.

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  • Cray Canyon Cold Snap - A GURPS Horror adventure for the Old West, by S. gurps John Ross. A full-color Adobe Acrobat version is available for gurps download.
  • The Thing In The Cellar - An adventure for GURPS Horror set in the modern day. The PCs must find out what happened to a missing professor. by Richard Lunsford
  • The Isle of Night - A Horror adventure by Scott Maykrantz, author of adventures GURPS Creatures adventures of the Night.
  • A Minor Emergency - Two good agents have gone AWOL in this GURPS Black Ops adventure by Gene Seabolt.
  • Gentleman Johnson's Fish Mart - A GURPS Goblins adventure for beginning characters.
  • Return to Nightmare City - Encounter outtakes expanding the GURPS Horror/Space adventure Flight gurps 13.
  • Your Number is Up - A GURPS Horror adventure - trouble with the gurps mafia and the supernatural combined. By Andy Vetromile.
  • Partners - A GURPS Fantasy solitaire adventure. The reader plays Lucas Marks, adventures a heroic halfling thief trying to rescue his partner, Patricia, adventures from the clutches of her kidnapper.
  • Silicon Dreams - An adventure for GURPS Black Ops in which gurps the Ops come up against the Greys and gurps some dangerous new technology.
  • e-Adventures - E-Adventures is designed to be a community of universal Game Masters adventures to work jointly on adventures and universal campaigns, intended for use adventures with GURPS. You universal can submit ideas for adventure hooks adventures and comment universal on previously posted ideas.
  • Loving the Dead - An excellent, character-driven Cyberpunk adventure with statistics provided for GURPS adventures Cyberpunk and two other game systems.
  • The Lima Incident - A survival mission gone awry for GURPS Black adventures Ops. By universal Rik Kershaw-Moore.
  • Trespasser's Isle - A GURPS Horror adventure with zombies and pirate ships, by adventures popular designer Graeme Davis.
  • Skull Valley - The powers of the atom bomb have unleashed an Atomic adventures Horror that the PCs must deal with. By Greg DeAngelo
  • Bring 'Em Back Alive! - Reward Offered: $25,000. A Cliffhangers, Old West, or universal Special Ops gurps Adventure by Barry Link.
  • Ice Age Stalker - A GURPS Horror adventure set in Africa, by adventures Andrea Sfiligoi.
  • Pawnshop - An illuminated occult GURPS adventure set in Washington, D.C. By gurps S. John Ross.
  • The Silencer - A modern-day adventure for GURPS Martial Arts, by adventures Stephen Dedman
  • Nightcat - A GURPS Horror solitaire by John Nowak. A gurps dangerous creature universal stalks the streets of New York gurps City, and you must universal face it.
  • Deathnight - A modern GURPS Horror adventure of monsters and potential mayhem. By Richard Lunsford.

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