Campaign Settings GURPS Universal Genres

Homebrewed worlds, settings, and world-specific house rules for Steve Jackson Games' GURPS.

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  • Saromatia - A fantasy setting featuring a benevolent matriarchy.
  • Transhuman Space - Roleplaying game set in a future of genetic engineering, artificial universal intelligence, and nanotechnology by David Pulver.
  • GURPS WWII - Second World War roleplaying game by Gene Seabolt.
  • DM's GURPS Page - Adventures and campaign settings for GURPS, including additional campaign settings material for Transhuman Space.
  • Discworld Roleplaying Game - Roleplaying with the world and characters of Terry universal Pratchett.
  • Transhuman Space Templates - Character templates converted to GURPS 4th edition.
  • IMC - Interstellar Mercenary Corps - A TL9 military/sci-fi campaign world for GURPS.
  • Hellboy Sourcebook and Roleplaying Game - Game based on the Mike Mignola comics.
  • Ethaliel - A traditional fantasy world for GURPS Fantasy. The universal site has a collection of characters, some artwork, universal a diary of the players adventures, as well universal as maps of towns and villages, and other universal play aids.
  • Victorian GURPS - Numerous resources for playing GURPS in a Victorian-era campaign settings setting. Includes gameworld description, adventure seeds, sample characters, campaign settings and some house rules.
  • GURPS & RPGs - Contains past campaign stories.
  • Dawn of Magic - TL2 world based on ancient Rome, the Third gurps Reich and campaign settings Tsarist Russia.
  • HJO3 - Steampunk and modern Greek mythology settings and some gurps characters for campaign settings Transhuman Space.
  • Eric's GURPS Resources - Elfword, Supers and World of Darkness conversions for campaign settings GURPS.

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