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A large and growing collection of resources and expansion material for GURPS Humanx, including adventures, character adaptions from the novels, and starships.

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Editor's Picks:

GURPS Godzilla* - Jonathan Woodward's guide to GURPS roleplaying in the Toho universe. Includes filmography material, statistics for really big monsters, and crossover notes.

  • In Nomine to GURPS Conversions - GURPS conversions originally written for the In Nomine netbooks core book, these predate the new GURPS In netbooks Nomine worldbook, and provide an alternate (now unofficial) netbooks approach to In Nomine in GURPS.
  • GURPS Shadow World Project - An adaptation of Iron Crown Enterprise\'s lost-but-not-forgotten fantasy world.
  • GURPS Discworld bye Nighte - A GURPS Discworld expansion for the darker side of Ankh-Morpork and Sundrye and Fyne Partes of the Dyske.
  • Net.GURPS.Characters.Book - A huge library of GURPS characters, ready-to-play.
  • GURPS 3x3 Eyes - A fan-worldbook for gaming in the 3x3 Eyes manga series by Yuzo Takada.
  • Rico's GURPS Humanx Games - A large and growing collection of resources and universal expansion material universal for GURPS Humanx, including adventures, character universal adaptions from the novels, universal and starships.
  • GURPS X-Files - A worldbook in Adobe Acrobat format by Gawain universal Jones, based on the fortean/mystery TV show.

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