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Articles discussing new rules or variant systems for GURPS, or essays on existing mechanics.

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  • GURPS Gladiators - A standalone combat boardgame using the GURPS advanced universal combat rules. Also useful as a GURPS teaching universal tool.
  • Matt's GURPS page - Variant game mechanics and rules simplifications.
  • GURPS Ground Zero - A large collection of realism-oriented rules options, mostly focused on combat.
  • Gunmetal Blue: A Truly Badass GURPS Page - A page devoted to using GURPS as the rules and variants ultimate system for cinematic action roleplaying, recreating the rules and variants exploits found in anything from Terminator 2 to rules and variants Hard Boiled.
  • Converting A Campaign To GURPS - An article on making the move to GURPS from another rules and variants system, using the author\\'s Mechwarrior conversion as an example. From rules and variants Roleplayer 19.
  • Self-Esteem and Repartee in GURPS Swashbucklers - Steffan O\\'Sullivan\\'s adaption of an innovative concept from Lace and universal Steel, neatly ported to GURPS.
  • Unlimited Mana - Originally printed in issue 9 of Pyramid magazine, this GURPS gurps Magic variant is one of the most popular in the gurps history of the game. Includes a PDF version of the gurps Calamity Table.
  • MyGURPS - House rules, resources, articles, GM aids, and reviews.
  • Richard's Cavalcade of Whimsy - GURPS variants and random monster abilities.
  • GURPS Sex - A mini-netbook discussing everybody\\'s favorite topic, by Tim and Christine Morgan, who presumably playtested it.

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