Software GURPS Universal Genres

Shareware and freeware computer aids for Steve Jackson Games' GURPS roleplaying system.

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See Also:
  • GURPS Vehicle Builder - Windows program for Vehicle creation, including rules from universal most GURPS gurps books.
  • GURPS Vehicle Designer - Windows design program for GURPS Vehicles 2nd ed rules. Free demo available.
  • GURPS Character Builder - The official GURPS character generation software (Windows only).
  • GURPS Character Assistant Home Page - A program for Microsoft Windows that will assist in the creation and maintenance of GURPS characters and NPCs. Includes pages of support material, optional add-ons, and a gallery of character artwork.
  • SJ Games GURPS Software - The official SJ Games licensed software page, linking to the software work of authorized shareware authors and other electronic items that software support their games, with GURPS earning the heaviest support. Items software for many platforms are included.
  • GURPS NPC Generator - Free online and downloadable random character generator for gurps multiple genres.

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