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Futuristic Hero System campaign set in galaxy-wide society, vaguely based on David Brin's Uplift books. Background, chronology, and character guidelines.

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See Also:
  • Warlocks and The Other Plane - A Netrunning system for Hero.
  • Hero Pulp Web Site - Web-sourcebook for Justice Inc. for the 4th edition original settings of universal the Hero System. Package deals; guns; vehicles; original settings Scare at universal San Francisco module; Space 1889 to original settings Hero conversion; writeups universal for The Spider, Green Hornet, original settings mafiosi.
  • B.C.'s RPGs: Role-Playing Games - The Empire of the Thirteen for Star Hero: universal descriptions of the Empire, and Aliens. The Hole universal a Shadowrun-like fantasy: package deals.
  • Sengoku - Resource for ongoing Hero System campaign in medieval Japan. Includes many character write-ups and several adventures.
  • The Mighty Endeavour Campaign - Futuristic Hero System campaign set in galaxy-wide society, vaguely based hero system on David Brin\'s Uplift books. Background, chronology, and character guidelines.
  • Miller's Role Playing Page - Wasteland Hero, Post-Apocalyptic roleplaying in the Hero System. original settings Gamma hero system Hero - straight Gamma World conversion. Detailed original settings sourcebooks.
  • The World of Capri - A campaign world for Star Hero.
  • 2300AD Collective - The 2300AD game and setting converted to Hero hero system System hero system rules. Earth and its colonies 300 years hero system after WWIII. hero system Aliens, space travel, in a hero system world were nations hero system still clash.
  • The Empire Club Home Page - Pulp campaign based out of adventurer\\'s club. Character write-ups and adventures.
  • Wild Martial Arts Campaign - 4 students attending the Tennoji school for martial arts, in original settings Kamakura, modern Japan. Ranmaesque with a bit of mysticism. 35 original settings run summaries, character descriptions, house rules. Graphical site - pages original settings are all pictures, not HTML text!
  • Space/Hero 1889 - This article describes some short ideas for conversion original settings rules for Space 1889.

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