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Details a nation of mutants and dimensional travelers in Laos. Lots of technical information and equipment can be found here.

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  • Nighlock Enterprises - In-character site offers a selection of weapons, equipment and armor.
  • Ledsouls Free Space - A Palladium Megaversal site. The Free Space is a Gallery genres of Aliens, Weapons and Technology of the future in a genres Palladium Setting. It includes Artwork and information.
  • Once More Unto the Breach - Check out new technologies and weapons for the rifts Three Galaxies, universal and the TW Assassin employed by rifts the Splugorth, along with universal the CS Water Skull rifts Walker
  • Rifts Nexus - The Rifts Middle East netbook, fan fiction, new universal OCCs and universal campaign settings, and resources for Phaseworld.
  • Another Palladium Site - An adventure, house rules, and new character classes, universal weapons, and equipment.
  • Universal Mutant Republic - Details a nation of mutants and dimensional travelers in Laos. genres Lots of technical information and equipment can be found here.
  • The Phase World Continuum - The years that followed the Grand Alliance\\'s war universal against the Transgalactic Empire brought great change. universal The war to free the trillions of sentient universal in the TGE from under the yoke of universal the Dweller, may have inadvertently released an even universal greater darkness to s
  • Section 7 - A large database dedicated to Palladium\\'s games - mostly Rifts. Includes a vast amount of information from new character classes to fan-fiction. Also home to Archangel Heavy Industries - a vehicle and equipment manufacturer.
  • Yet Another Updated Rifts Page - Features new rules, equipment, character classes, and creatures.
  • Welcome to Avash and Plarge's RIFT world - A page with NPC's, adventures, and resource material.
  • Rifts: Across the River Styx - Information concerning Rifts and other games by Palladium. Includes Netbooks, universal new weapons, and gizmos.
  • SANDSTORM'S STUFF - New Naruni Enterprises vehicles, starships and powerarmor (including rifts my Naruni style Glitterboy!). As well as original rifts artwork and some other photographs.
  • Cimmeria - Home of the Wormwood netbook.
  • Palladium: Space - A site dedicated to all of Palladium\\'s space rifts related genres and RPG\\'s, as well as Rifts, rifts and The Palladium Fantasy RPG.
  • Pure Rifts - The Rifts have come.... Are you ready? universal Pure Rifts universal is a site that is a universal resource with helpful contents universal for Rifts gamemasters and universal players everywhere. A little bit if universal everything for universal this RPG.
  • Rifts Antarctica - Rifts Antarctica is a one-of-a-kind complete netbook supplement genres for the genres Rifts RPG. It contains Races, O.C.C.\\'s, genres weapons, magic, technology, psionics genres and source information on genres the most inhosptiable continent on Earth. genres A rich genres environment allows the characte
  • Rifts Realms - Your one stop information source for the mIRC channel #Rifts_Seaport, and various other Rifts information as I can make updates
  • The Slayer's Abyssal Rifts Page - Currently contains sections on Naruni Enterprises and the rifts Splugorth
  • Pages of -Z - Offers new (all original) equipment.
  • Castle Lament - Features character database, a Nightspawn crossover campaign, and information on rifts the CS War.
  • The Unofficial Palladium RPG Page - A page with lots of data for Rifts genres and Heroes Unlimited, massive extensions to magic and genres psionics for your Palladium campaign, and far more genres than can be put into a short description.
  • Hellfire's Rift Page - Collected character classes and weapons by several authors, and statistics for character from the comic book "Transformers".
  • Chimera Games/Rifts Division - New and revamped OCCs and RCCs, as well as new genres armor, weapons and equipment.
  • Tiny's Rift - Tiny\\'s Rift is a Rifts page devoted to stuff that\\'s rifts not too munchkin, and should be allowed in most games.
  • Riftergm's Rifts - Information on the game, players, stores, armor, weapons, genres and a newsletter.
  • Palladium Books - The official web site of everyone\'s favorite role-playing universal game publisher.
  • Rifts Oz - A wonderfully detailed alternative setting for Australia. Contains information on rifts new governments, races, and a lot of new equipment down rifts under.
  • Chris' Rifts Page - Features a new interdimensional corporation, game balance advice, universal new character classes, and expanded alien generation rules.
  • The Rifts Highway - One of the most expansive sites around, with universal archives of genres information on the palladium RPG, RIFTS!
  • Rifts Atlantis - Dedicated to the Altarain blind warrior women. Downloads, rifts house rules, universal gallery, a FAQ, and biographies.
  • The Astrolite Province - A new government for Rifts. Includes new OCCs and RCCs, universal equipment, bots, power amor, and weapons.
  • Kitsune's Palladium Web Page - Page of different information on Palladium games including universal Rifts, Robotech, genres Palladium Fantasy, and Ninjas and Superspies.
  • Rifts Indonesia Netbook - A Rifts Indonesia world setting, complete with new universal OCC\\'s, world genres information, new magic variants, conflict, alliances, universal and a deadly world genres destroyer.
  • Tsunami Arms - Tsunami Arms (TSA) is a new competitor in the North rifts American small arms market. They concentrate on high-quality projectile rifts weapons which are combined with more standard weapon types on rifts the same frame, usually a beam projector or grenade rifts launcher.
  • The Editor's Wastebasket - Adventures, characters, netbooks, and world background for the rifts various Palladium settings.
  • Rifts Webpage By Sliderz - Characters, villains, and allies.
  • Rifts at the Labyrinth - Includes world information, spells, technowizardry, super powers, OCCs, and a work in progress: The Complete Magic List.
  • Sir Tenzan's RIFTS Gallery - Contains the creations of the Red River Valley genres Gaming Group. Included among its creations is the genres kingdom of Desert Star and the Republic of genres Wa-Daisho, Desert Star\\'s industry S-Mart, and an assortment genres of new OCCs mostly related to the two genres new nations.
  • Mad Dog's Palladium Files - Images, character information, humor, Munchkin files, Rifts time line, and notebooks.
  • WebRing: rifts - List of sites that make up "The Ring of RIFTS".
  • GURPS-RIFTS Worldbook - Character classes and weapons converted to GURPS rules.
  • Infernal's Rifts - Features weapons, character classes, monsters, and NPCs.
  • Hell-storm's Rifts Page - Background and equipment for the Desert Alliance, a universal group of rifts aliens and military personnel in Nevada.
  • The Omega Files - Contains character classes, monsters, equipment, NPCs, spells, psionics, martial art rifts forms, and links.
  • Andrew's Rifts Page - A PDF character sheet.
  • First Rifts RPG - A place to pick up a heavy ion blaster and waste your best friend or a complete stranger. An online gaming experience.
  • Sidekick Sid's Palladium page - Home of the Crazie Weapons and the 10lbs universal Cheese Burger.

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