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A webcomic, where five players (including "Nuclear Dan" and "Joe Chaos") powergame and their different roleplaying personalities conflict.

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See Also:
  • Order of the Stick - Fantasy role playing oriented strip - includes cast humor of characters roleplaying and some game design articles.
  • Another Gaming Comic - A webcomic, where five players (including "Nuclear Dan" and "Joe Chaos") powergame and their different roleplaying personalities conflict.
  • The Travelers - Tony DiGeralamo\\'s comedic fantasy comic book series with roleplaying elements. comics Character statistics, plot synopses, order information.
  • Dwarf Lover: The Comic - Comic depiction of nerds roleplaying elves, hobbits and roleplaying yes, dwarfs. Hilarity ensues.
  • The Weird Worlds of Pewfell Porfingles - Daily epic fantasy/RPG comic strip humor with that humor wacked-out wizard humor Pewfell Porfingles, Tina his well-armed warrior humor wife with the chainmail humor wonderbra and featuring the humor extremely annoying Gnoma.
  • Gemstorm - The episodic adventures of Gemstorm a Ranger on a pre-industrial roleplaying fantasy world. Using both text, original artwork and comic panels, roleplaying Gemstorm makes her way south to a legendary Inn and roleplaying meets a variety of exotic species and individuals.
  • Yahoo! Groups: dorktower - Message board to honor the Dork Tower comic roleplaying book by roleplaying John Kovalic.
  • Nodwick - Aaron Williams\\'s comics as appearing in Dragon and roleplaying Dungeon magazines. roleplaying Title strip misadventures of a Dungeons roleplaying and Dragons henchman, also roleplaying Fantatoons, Canada Fox (non roleplaying roleplaying), other cartoons.
  • Necropolis: Human Occupied Landfill - A satirical hand-drawn comic strip with a horror comics roleplaying theme roleplaying by Derek Meister.
  • Atland - A weekly strip by Nate Piekos.
  • Dwarf Tossing - A comic about a dwarf in a generic fantasy world.
  • - Roleplaying without the whips. A comic that takes roleplaying a humorous humor spin on rpg's.
  • Zoi and Kam - A fantasy based comic detailing the adventures of a would comics be group of adventurers.
  • Yamara - The new Web domain of the former Dragon comic strip. RPG and SF/F humor from the twin enfants terrible, Manui and Adams.
  • DeViations - Comic devoted mainly to the RPGA Living City roleplaying of Ravens comics Bluff as viewed from the perspective roleplaying of one of its comics most famous citizens, DeVia roleplaying Dirkdancer. By Fugli Troll.
  • WTF Comics - Everquest themed fantasy web comic by Jeremy Waller comics following a comics group of adventurers battling the evil comics forces of The Vision.
  • Mark Shallow's ADVENTURERS! - A webcomic making fun of Roleplaying games.
  • Culric's Chronicles - Fantasy adventure web comic by Kenneth LaFarlette. Includes comics maps and comics locations, short stories, a beastiary and comics character profiles.

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