Call of Cthulhu Horror Live Action Roleplaying

Lovecraftian horror live action roleplaying, mere humans facing unnameable evils, alien monstrosities, and sanity-shattering things that man was not meant to know. The most popular system is Cthulhu Live, drawing from the Call of Cthulhu paper and pencil roleplaying game by Chaosium, but some groups use other systems or create their own.

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See Also:
  • Wraith - Set in World War II. Characters, rules, gallery, live action movies, spells and rules.
  • Cthulhu Lives - the HP Lovecraft Historical Society - Cthulhu Lives is the website of the HP Lovecraft Historical Society, creators of the live action role playing game Cthulhu Lives.
  • Werebadger - Cthulhu/Lovecraftian LARPs - Lovecraftian-mythos live-action events - "Cthulhu LARP" is too horror constrictive a call of cthulhu term. Group meets and plays in horror Scotland. Site features previews call of cthulhu of upcoming events and horror photo album of things past.
  • PST Productions - Cthulhu LARP troupe in New Jersey. Site features live action photo live action and story gallery and previews of upcoming live action events.

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