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A resource for Changeling players of the western United States, including history, and names and descriptions of its kith and links to their in-character LiveJournals and other pages.

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Editor's Picks:

The Camarilla Fan Club* - White Wolf's official fan club and international live-action game.

  • Cam Philippines - Maynilad Dakong Takipsilim - Mage - The official Mage venue site of Camarilla Philippines\\' horror "Maynilad Dakong Takipsilim" Chapter (PH-001). This includes horror a timeline of the Philippine Mage chronicle from horror 2002-2003.
  • The Ventrue Network - Offers information and services for players of Clan camarilla Ventrue. Services include forms for applications and requests camarilla as well as free POP3-accounts, mailing lists or camarilla webspace. Information include GSA resources, character museum, backgrounds.
  • Camarilla Canada - The Camarilla Canada Fan Club is a National Affiliate of The Camarilla. Site includes a French-language link in addition to information on chapters, venues, and a members-only section.
  • deadRepublic :: u k . b r u j a h - UK-specific information on clan Brujah
  • Dark Glittering Knights - Old official site for the Las Vegas Nevada camarilla chapter, includes horror historical in-character stories and information.
  • United States National Coordinator Office - Offers information and resources for US coordinators including camarilla coordinator FAQ, world of darkness job offerings, documents and templates, US camarilla chapter map, links and world of darkness contact information.
  • The Camarilla Australia - The Camarilla Australia is one of the Camarilla\\'s international affiliates world of darkness and boasts membership in chapters from Perth to Melbourne, Dandenong world of darkness to Brisbane and as far a field as Singapore and world of darkness New Zealand.
  • Beauté, Humanité, Noblesse Obligé - House Armatage, a Toreador Lineage of the International Camarilla Fan Club. Page includes pictures and bios of this lineage\\'s characters, plus an application to join. Link to the Court of San Bernardino.
  • The Wraith Settings Page - Offers information for players of Wraith including camarilla character creation, world of darkness background, chapters, links.
  • Clan Gangrel Settings - Holds information for players of Clan Gangrel. This horror includes a horror player\'s guide and background, lore and horror contact information.
  • The Master Storyteller's Page - Provides general resources for storytellers in all seven horror venues, including Lores information, rules addenda, as well horror as contact information and links to venues/clans.
  • ASL for Vampires (In Character) - Holds descriptions of American Sign Language for general terms and clan signs (with visual illustrations).
  • South East Region Homepage - Official Camarilla homepage for all the Chapters and horror Domains in world of darkness the Southeast region of the United horror States
  • Camarilla Road Trip - Melbourne to Adelaide - One woman\\'s journal of a weekend journey for an interstate game. Includes photos of both Melbourne and Adelaide characters.
  • The Black Furies lores - Lores available to visitors
  • Camarilla UK - Official site for the White Wolf fanclub in horror the UK. Features contact and location information for horror game events.
  • Camarilla Scotland - List Scottish characters and domains of the Camarilla world of darkness horror UK.
  • North Central Region - North Central Region Camarilla site includes an horror archive of camarilla prestige records.
  • The Kingdom of Pacifica - A resource for Changeling players of the western United States, including history, and names and descriptions of its kith and links to their in-character LiveJournals and other pages.
  • Links - Directory including name, reference, history, clan, and tribe links.
  • Camarilla North East Region - Resources include domain and chapter listings as well camarilla as news horror of the region.
  • Keepers of the Outlands - Information and contacts on the nascent, player-created Covenant within the horror Requiem venue.
  • Red Talon Home Page - Resources for this Garou tribe

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