Science Fiction Live Action Roleplaying

A game set in the a world where superhuman mutants are real. Players take on the roles of these mutants or the normal humans who coexist and contend with them.

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See Also:
  • Faded Empire - High fantasy gothic science fiction live-action roleplaying game set in a decaying Imperial galaxy.
  • Sinergy LARP - A Cyberpunk game set in the Dark Future live action of roleplaying 2034 based in Nottingham - UK.
  • Svaha - New Jersey-based LARP produced by Wild Gazebo Productions.
  • Cyberpunk 2020: Live Action - Rules, schedules, and updates from a Massachusetts LARP roleplaying based on R. Talsorian's tabletop system.
  • Shakespeare Eclectic Science Fiction Interactive Theatre - Scenarios, hyperlinks, chat room, and essays about live live action action and freeform roleplaying.
  • IKF Interface - Website of the Imperial Klingon Forces (IKF). A not-for-profit Klingon live action Fan organization / Ongoing LARP. Includes downloadable rules, meeting live action times and places, and cultural links about Klingons.
  • CyberCity C.S.M. - Cyberpunk LARP based at Cardiff University, Wales.
  • Xenome - A game set in the a world where live action superhuman live action mutants are real. Players take on the live action roles of live action these mutants or the normal humans live action who coexist and live action contend with them.
  • Virtual Eclipse - Based in the UK. Arranges LARP and tabletop games set 516 years in the future.
  • Atlas Agenda - A Massachusetts-based post-apocalyptic LARP set in the year 2045.
  • Apocalypse - New Zealand LARP inspired by the movie "Aliens".
  • Liquidsun - Cyberpunk LARP in London, Ontario.

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