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Editorials, wallpapers, gallery, information on the author's play group, game hints, adventures, house rules, Star Wars d6 resources and information and a list of magical items in Warhammer fantasy.

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  • RPG Chronicles - Characters and rules for Dragonlance; Hercules and Xena; roleplaying and West multi-system End's Star Wars.
  • Possabilities Unlimited - Conversions to use Dungeons and Dragons, RIFTS, Heroes Unlimited, Star roleplaying Wars, and DC Universe Rules with other environment and genres roleplaying like Dragon Ball Z, X-Men, Gundam Wing, Megaman, Metal Gear roleplaying Solid, and others.
  • The New Holt of Cutter Kinseeker - Characters, original monsters, and conversions. Fan of Palladium and other multi-system systems.
  • ALDOUS' Host Shadowrun and RPG Site - Adventures, editorials, and links for Call of Cthulhu, multi-system Marvel Superheroes, systems and Shadowrun.
  • Consensual Realities - Personal site on Dungeons and Dragons 3E, WoD, systems In Nomine, and other systems.
  • Byakhee00's Rpg Page! - Scenarios and characters for Call of Cthulhu, weapons and New-Sapiens multi-system rules for Rifts.
  • Otterpooka's Home - Resources for d20 systems, Palladium, Robotech, and World roleplaying of Darkness.
  • The Tony Jones Roleplaying Page - World backgrounds, campaign logs, and game system information for Champions, roleplaying Amber, and Space 1889.
  • Weirdness Central - Character Sheets for various systems, some personal information and pictures, a forum, and d20 rules for a Discworld campaign.
  • Cybergen and other stuff - Resources for Cyber Generation, Dungeons and Dragons, Mage, systems Ravenloft, Trinity, Werewolf, and Vampire.
  • Saltwave RPG Campaign - A campaign world for 3rd Edition Dungeons and multi-system Dragons and systems Big Eyes, Small Mouth.
  • The Editor's Wastebasket - Resources for Palladium and d20 systems and online roleplaying.
  • - Editorials, wallpapers, gallery, information on the author\\'s play group, game hints, adventures, house rules, Star Wars d6 resources and information and a list of magical items in Warhammer fantasy.
  • Gurth's WWW Page - Shadowrun rules supplements, Cyberpunk 2020 software, and a Millennium\'s End systems character sheet.
  • Brent's Basement - Articles, Reviews and Product Descriptions for Rolemaster and roleplaying Spacemaster.
  • Beholder's RPGZone - Material for Alternity, Dragonstar, Dungeons and Dragons, Hero roleplaying system, and roleplaying Star Wars.
  • Halberd Games - Offers free role-playing and wargames rules and resources. multi-system Includes rules multi-system for genres such as Fantasy, Science-Fiction, multi-system Superheroes and Western. It multi-system also has material for multi-system Traveller and for gaming in Glorantha.
  • Sword and Shield - Some resources for Star Wars d20 and Dungeons and Dragons 3E.
  • The Tower Of Telustis - The GM\\'s trading post. Ideas for everything from systems fantasy to sci-fi.
  • Kallos's Fantasy Roleplaying Page - Resources for Dragonlance, Dungeons and Dragons, World of multi-system Darkness, and GURPS.
  • Michael's rpg homepage - Has New classes for Earthdawn and Vampire: The systems Masquerade. Will roleplaying soon have new stories for werewolf systems that can be used roleplaying for free. It\'s an systems okay site.
  • Sheets - Character and tracking sheets for Advanced Dungeons and multi-system Dragons, Alternity, and Gamma World. Available as postscript, multi-system PDF and others, these are designed for printing.
  • Imagination Factory - Some resources for D20 System, GURPS, and Rifts.
  • The RPG Portal - Some resources for Dungeons and Dragons, GURPS, Shadowrun, roleplaying and World of Darkness.
  • Ausperrian's Toybox - Reviews of some popular roleplaying systems and some systems Shadowrun downloads.
  • Peracles' RPG Home Page - Some resources for Serenity, Call of Cthulhu, Space 1889, Pulp Era, and Vampire: the Masquerade. Also features Star Wars Fan Fiction.
  • Home of Miscellany - Material for Cyberpunk, Feng Shui, Macross II, Men In Black, roleplaying Star Wars, and Systems Failure.
  • The Adventurers' Guild - Original material for role playing games - Legend multi-system of the roleplaying five rings (L5R): swords, armor; Alternity: multi-system Mamba ship; and Warhammer roleplaying Fantasy Role-play (WFRP): adventurer\'s multi-system guide, errata, bladesmith, Jedi.
  • Morpheus Unbound - GURPS (Empire of Dreams, Earth Under Siege campaigns, lots of equipment), Living Legends (rules, mods, errata, Legion Strikes adventure), Hero System (characters, What Rough Beast adventure), Battletech (designs).
  • Ian's Eclectic Website - Devoted to 7th Sea and Traveller, humour, and systems the Supremacy boardgame.
  • Mark Hughes: Role-playing Games - Archive of games including: "Eschaton" a swords and sorcery game; multi-system "Six Word RPG"; "Dude One-Stat RPG"; "Phobos RPG"; "The Bomb" multi-system a post-holocaust Big Eyes, Small Mouth sourcebook; "G. P. A." multi-system a sci
  • Brien's Web Cave: Gaming - Game-inspired stories: Vampire, Legend of the Five Rings, Deadlands, and systems Alternity.
  • Hangman's Homepage - English material for Shadowrun and Star Wars, and multi-system German material multi-system for Shadowrun, Earthdawn, and DSA.
  • Moglit Role Playing Games - Fantasy FUDGE rules, including setting: "the Vale of Wizards". Collection of PBEM articles and rules, with samples from Vampire campaign. Diablerie and Humanity rules, and "The Fief of York" setting for Vampire: The Masquerade.
  • Marc's RPG Site - A Traveller Sector Generator and a Dungeons and Dragons Character Generator for Windows. Also features some material for both systems.
  • Adam's Gaming Resources - Advanced Dungeons and Dragons, Rifts and Heroes subject roleplaying matter.
  • My Game Master - Game Master tips and resources for some systems.
  • Storyte11er's Game Page - Features a new bloodline for Vampire: The Masquerade systems and Marvel Super Heroes Adventure statistics for Big systems Hero Six.
  • REF Rifts Earth Division Home Page - A page where the author has combined RIFTS and Robotech to create an alternate reality. Also includes Heroes supplements.

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