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Describes a single player version of domino logic. The challenge is to find out the positioning of all the dominoes logically.

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  • 42 - Features rules, strategy, scoring, bidding, and variations. Also has information about the domino game called Moon.
  • Yahoo! Groups : dominoes42texasstyle2 - Message board for Texas 42 players.
  • Geominos - A variant with odd-shaped play pieces. Contains rules, tile games demonstrations, and ordering.
  • Austin 42 Club - Austin, Texas. Includes forums, news, standings, upcoming matches, tile games and dominoes league information.
  • Professional Domino Association - The first organization dedicated to supporting professional domino players across games the United States.
  • Western Domino Games - Information on the history of dominoes, as well dominoes as rules games for dozens of domino games and dominoes variations.
  • Domino Games - Provides rules, variations, and glossary.
  • LearnPlayWin Dominoes Guide - Dominoes guide with rules, tips and strategies for games domino games, dominoes and a directory of free domino games games online
  • Compendia - Rules to the game of Mexican trains, played tile games with double twelve dominoes.
  • Domino Logic - Describes a single player version of domino logic. The challenge is to find out the positioning of all the dominoes logically.
  • Texas 42 - Rules and strategy for 42, a four-player domino game. Graphics dominoes and sample hand included. Download available.
  • - Portal with a collection of rules, as well tile games as a directory of domino games for Windows, tile games Macintosh, PocketPC, PalmOS, and online play.
  • Dominoes - History of the game and some scoring techniques.
  • Domino Plaza - History, links, software, and rules for game variations.
  • Open Dominoes Game - The proposed game allows one to place dominoes tile games elements onto playing board squares.
  • Dominoes Strategy - Site details strategy and scoring techniques for All Fives dominoes.
  • National Domino Federation USA - Features news, upcoming events, tournaments, rules, and history.
  • National 42 Players Association - Information on the game and information on tournaments games and player games rankings in Texas and the United games States.
  • Texas42Club - Texas42 is a fun, fast-paced, and easy-to-learn bidding dominoes trick-taking game you can at the Dominoes Hall dominoes Online.
  • Wikipedia: 42 (dominoes) - Encyclopedia article with history, rules, terminology, and rules variations.
  • Wikipedia - Dominoes - Article with history and the rules of various domino games.
  • Game Cabinet: Dominoes - Rules, shareware download, and strategies.
  • Rules of Card Games: Forty-two - Includes set of rules plus links.
  • Dominoes Hall Online - Dominoes, Moon, and 42. Includes ladders, rules, and dominoes tournaments for dominoes each game.
  • World Championship Domino Tournament - Annual tournament In Andalusia, Alabama with a history tile games of awarding over $450,000 in prize money and tile games trophies. Includes area information, history of dominoes, previous tile games champions, prize money, registration, tournament rules, and schedule tile games of events.
  • Karibino - This is a variant of classic Dominoes. Play against computer games or against other KBN Community members online.

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