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This category is for sites providing Magic: the Gathering reference information on a focussed topic such as card lists, combos, official information, scans etc. The information should be very comprehensive and not found easily elsewhere.

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Editor's Picks:

MagicCards.Info: The Cardsearch* - Large card scans with detailed information on each.

  • The ultimate Magic:The Gathering database - Database gathered by type, theme, mechanism, and sortable by price trading card games or efficiency.
  • Magic Rarities - Offers card set information and details about magic rarities such reference as misprints, special reprints, promos, oversized cards, and counters.
  • MTGO Traders Corner - Estimated prices of cards with scans of each.
  • Magic The Gathering Cards - A review for beginners.
  • Casual Magic the Gathering - Offers articles including set reviews, a library of magic - the magic - the gathering gathering Magic novels and a database for homebrew cards.
  • Danny's Site - Provides tips on decks and a worst combo section.
  • Magic Card Scans - Scans of all of the cards in the reference sets of magic - the gathering Beta, Arabian Nights, Antiquities, Exodus, Mirage, reference Visions, Nemesis, Legends, Urza\'s magic - the gathering Saga, Tempest, and others.
  • Crystal Keep - Set descriptions and card lists, official rulings summaries, reference card text reference files, symbols, and reprint policies.
  • Beebleboy's Magic Variants - Offers many variants to the game.
  • Searchable Online MtG Database - Allows users to search with card title, color, reference edition, type, magic - the gathering and text. All records are cross-linked reference for searching.

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