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Includes free download of a program called CardTable which will allow you to play Rage across the internet. Supports both versions of Rage and includes all the cards from every set, including web only releases.

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  • LeSquale's Totally Unofficial Rage Page - Presents alternate rules for playing campaign games where rage characters gain rage experience for each battle won. rage Also presents unofficial cards rage and rules for bringing rage vampires, mages, and other supernatural creatures rage into your rage Rage game.
  • Darkwolf's Longhouse - Get of Fenris themed page of decks and rage strategy.
  • Penguin's Rest - A collection of Rage graphics for both versions of the games game, indexed and neatly organized. Also includes information on games Werewolf: the Apocalypse.
  • RAGE: Apocalypse & Tribal War Livejournal community - Primary livejournal discussion group for Rage. Focuses on card design and previews of upcoming cards and sets. Viewable by anyone and allows anonymous responses to posts. Only members may create new posts.
  • Rage Across Las Vegas - Includes a summary of the Rage Across Las Vegas storyline rage through phase 3.
  • Ruyeyama's Rage Page - Contains text file card list downloads of all trading card games games the Rage: Apocalypse sets and the rules cards trading card games games that came with them. Also has a trading card games games download of a BASIC program to calculate moonphase trading card games games and a listing of the gender of Apocalypse trading card games games characters.
  • Rage CCG Trading - Largest collection of active Rage traders currently available, with frequent games updates. Has a reference system in place to ensure games trades go smoothly. Also allows crosstrading of other games.
  • Yahoo! Groups : rageinfo - Primary discussion list for Rage rules, announcements, updates, and events. games Unregistered members can read messages, but membership is required games to post or respond to messages.
  • Little Bear's Lore - Searchable full text database of every Rage card games ever printed. Search by title, keyword, artist, games cost, and requirements.
  • Blood Addict's Lair - Find players worldwide. Also includes information on games finding people trading card games to play online via a program games called CardTable.
  • The Unofficial Official Nuwisha Home Page - Includes a guide on how to build a good Rage rage webpage. Focused on Rage Across Las Vegas. Includes rage errata, a guide to the foil chase cards with images, rage and information on the Nuwisha were-coyotes.
  • Wherewolf?-The List - Contact information for Rage players worldwide. Search games for players trading card games on or offline or add more games players to the database.
  • Rage Online - Includes free download of a program called CardTable trading card games which will allow you to play Rage across trading card games the internet. Supports both versions of Rage trading card games and includes all the cards from every set, trading card games including web only releases.
  • Laughing Hyena's Rage Homepage - Guide to identifying sets and misprints/promotional cards. Original card games artwork by Laughing Hyena. Information on the Ajaba and games some Werewolf: the Apocalypse information. Trading lists.
  • Stargazer Home page - Dedicated to the Stargazer tribe, this page focus on Rage: games Tribal War. Presents all the Staragazer cards, a card games combo section, and background information. Offers a variant tournament games format for those wishing to run ongoing campaigns.
  • Tom's Rage Page - Includes a Rage choose-your-own-adventure story where you can rage take on rage the role of several different Rage rage personalities as they search rage for a powerful fetish.
  • Caern of the Screaming Electrons - Dedicated to the Glass Walker tribe, it features trading card games trading card games card combos and decks based around them. trading card games trading card games Also includes information on the tribe in general trading card games trading card games and brief bios of all the Glass Walker trading card games trading card games characters.

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