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  • V:tES Boston - Dark Wind Rising - Regional Vampire: the Eternal Struggle information.
  • Vampire: the Eternal Struggle....Domain of Canberra - Salem Christ, the Vampire: Elder Kindred Network Prince of the Domain of Canberra. The V:EKN is the player\\'s organisation for vtes, and it has the support of the game\\'s makers. This page is for stuff that is relevant to vtes players, particularly local on
  • VEKN Gothenburg - Primarily for western Sweden. Deck building tool, search engine, forum, and card inventory tool.
  • V:EKN Germany - Regional Vampire: the Eternal Struggle information, news and trading card games tournaments.
  • Powerbase: Munich - Regional Vampire: the Eternal Struggle information, events and players. vampire - the eternal struggle Also contains a Brujah newsletter archive.
  • Perth: Vampire: The Eternal Struggle - News and information for people in Perth, Western play groups Australia. Tournament and event news, and deck play groups lists.
  • Kindred of the Austin Council - Includes forums, statistics, links, FAQs, and articles.
  • Prince of Dallas' Jyhad Page - Dallas, Texas.
  • Camarilla Club - Vampire players from Kosice. Belong to Camarilla Club vampire - the eternal struggle by Centrum, Kosice, Slovakia. Play Vampire, but also vampire - the eternal struggle other CCG's and RPG's.

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