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  • Game Revolution - "I would have liked a bit more story to the game, and a bit less of killing things, and quite a lot less jumping, thank you." Review by The Mock Dodgson with score.
  • Gaming Age - "It\\'s the best thing since Sliced Bread, other than its reviews and previews sequel, Sliced Bread II: Electric Boogaloo." Review by Drew reviews and previews Ressler with screen shots.
  • ign - "The graphics, as I think I\\'ve repeated about 50 times, american mcgee's alice are monumental, but let me just add that the character american mcgee's alice designs shine just as much." Review by Vincent Lopez.
  • ActionTrip - "What really impressed me about Alice\\'s visuals is the imaginativeness american mcgee games of the designers, and the highly thematic environments, which completely american mcgee games differ from one level to another and are brought to american mcgee games life with some crisp and detailed textures."
  • GamePro - "It\\'s fun for a while, but the overly simplified game reviews and previews mechanics and repetitive shoot-and-run gameplay wouldn\\'t amount to much without reviews and previews the extraordinary visuals and awesome concept."
  • GameSpy - "Visually and conceptually, Alice is unparalleled among this reviews and previews year\\'s games, and succeeds in eclipsing its own reviews and previews weaknesses with intoxicating style. A defiantly original example reviews and previews of game-development as a fine art." Review reviews and previews by Carlos 'dr.angryman' Sal
  • Armchair Empire - Review by Tazman with overall score [9.8/10].
  • GameZone - "Anyone can make a dark atmosphere and tough american mcgee games reviews and previews characters - but Alice is a wonderful and american mcgee games reviews and previews WITTY adaptation of a familiar story into an american mcgee games reviews and previews intriguing and addictive action/adventure experience." Review by american mcgee games reviews and previews The Badger with screen shots.
  • GameSpot - "While you\\'ll undoubtedly enjoy the imaginative artwork, you american mcgee\'s alice might end up disappointed with just how straightforward american mcgee\'s alice the underlying game really is." Review by american mcgee\'s alice Erik Wolpaw with overall score and screen shots.
  • FiringSquad - Review by Sarju \\'Guido\\' Shah with overall score [87%] and american mcgee's alice screen shots.
  • MobyGames - Reviews, screenshots and credits.

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