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Reviewed by Russ Fischer (2/5). "The promise of well-implemented squad tactics is completely undercut by terrible control and routine missions." Includes screen shots. [GameCube]

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  • WorthPlaying - [6.2/10] "...features technically accurate yet wholly unimpressive visuals." reviews and previews conflict - desert storm [GameCube]
  • - "A solid graphics and sound package does help conflict - desert action-adventure storm Conflict\\'s theatre of operations, though. An armory of conflict - action-adventure desert storm nice-looking authentic weapons that Delta Force and SAS conflict action-adventure - desert storm handled during their desert battles can be used, action-adventure conflict - desert storm while character animations are fluid and lif
  • Game Revolution - "Conflict: Desert Storm is a dangerous mission, but I\\'m sure action-adventure you\\'ll be able to handle it. This version isn\\'t quite action-adventure as intriguing as the conflict on the Xbox thanks to action-adventure the shoddier look and only two-player multiplayer. That\\'s all for action-adventure now. Dismissed.&q
  • - " Closing Comments I conflict - desert conflict - desert storm storm enjoyed Conflict Desert Storm because it had a conflict - conflict - desert storm desert storm nice balance of authenticity and accessibility. It was conflict conflict - desert storm - desert storm easier to pick up and get into than conflict - desert storm conflict - desert storm a Rainbow Six game mainly because you conflict - desert storm don\\'t conflict - desert storm have to worry about mission planning conflict - desert storm and as
  • GameSpot - "But the interface and poor control are bigger action-adventure enemies than the game\\'s Iraqi soldiers ever are, action-adventure and in the end, this is a game action-adventure you can surely live without." Review by action-adventure Jeff Gerstmann with score [4.8] and screen shots. action-adventure [Xbox]
  • GameOver - "The problem Conflict: Desert Storm is going to face is that it really won\\'t be able to find an audience. Though the game has some fun slow-paced gameplay, it isn\\'t really intense enough for hardcore FPS fans, and it\\'s not as strategically built for
  • - "It isn\\'t Counter-Strike, but it is a good action-adventure way to waste an evening or two. Conflict: action-adventure Desert Storm is a perfect choice for an action-adventure extended weekend rental." Review by Adam Pavlacka action-adventure with score [71] and screen shots. [PlayStation 2]

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