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  • - "Your satisfaction with the game is going to rely a disney's stitch - experiment 626 great deal (if not entirely) on how much you enjoyed disney's stitch - experiment 626 the movie." Review by The Badger with screen shots disney's stitch - experiment 626 and overall score [6.5].
  • PlanetPS2 - "While Stitch: Experiment 626 never provides more than disney\'s stitch - experiment 626 a mild challenge, it\\'s thoroughly entertaining." Review disney\'s stitch - experiment 626 by Robb Guido with overall score [70] and disney's stitch - experiment 626 screen shots.
  • - "So long as you\\'re the type of player action-adventure to go disney's stitch - experiment 626 willy-nilly into the void without once action-adventure attempting to actually play disney's stitch - experiment 626 the game, you could action-adventure probably have a lot of fun disney's stitch - experiment 626 playing the action-adventure game." Review by Gil Landi with score disney's stitch - experiment 626 action-adventure [6.0] and screen shots.
  • The Electric Playground - "Stitch is quite a maneuverable creature. He can jump and double jump, shoot (he auto-targets the closest enemy in the direction he is facing), lift and throw objects (or enemies), climb walls (only on certain surfaces though) and has the unique abil
  • GameSpot - "a disjointed gameplay experience, and as such it can\\'t be recommended to anyone who isn\\'t very into the recently released Disney movie." Review by Miguel Lopez with screen shots and score [5.7].
  • Game Revolution - "It tries to bring together many disparate game ideas, but reviews and previews these ideas weren\\'t pushed all the way and at the reviews and previews very least weren\\'t polished enough for a final product." reviews and previews Review by Johnny Liu with score [C].

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