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"I'd definitely suggest action, mythology or martial arts fans check out Mark of Kri. You may just find a new favorite to occupy your collection." Review by Jeff Haynes with overall rating [80%] and screen shots.

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  • GameSpot - "The Mark of Kri does a number of things well, and it introduces some original concepts, but unfortunately the game\\'s design doesn\\'t play to those strengths." Review by Jeff Gerstmann with overall score [7.5] and screen shots.
  • GamePro - "The combination of both a visually pleasing adventure mark of kri, the and an exceptional combat system makes The Mark mark of kri, the of Kri a worthy buy for any mature mark of kri, the gamer who can enjoy a hacking challenge." mark of kri, the Review by Four Eyed Dragon with screen shots mark of kri, the and scores.
  • Armchair Empire - "MoK\\'s AI swings between moments of brilliance and action-adventure shear stupidity action-adventure like a pendulum." Review by Tazman action-adventure with overall score [8/10].
  • IGN - "I have loved it for much of June and July. That\\'s saying a lot given the loads of games that come panting at my door." Review by Douglass C. Perry with screen shots and overall score [8.8/10].
  • GameSpy - Reviewed by Benjamin Turner (78/100). "Kri is a reviews and previews fun action game with a few rough spots." reviews and previews Includes screen shots.
  • TechTV - "It\\'s easy to get into, action packed, and reviews and previews quite simply a lot of fun to play." reviews and previews Review by Greg Bemis with overall rating reviews and previews [4/5] and screen shots.
  • GameOver - "I\\'d definitely suggest action, mythology or martial arts action-adventure fans check action-adventure out Mark of Kri. You may action-adventure just find a new action-adventure favorite to occupy your action-adventure collection." Review by Jeff Haynes action-adventure with overall action-adventure rating [80%] and screen shots.
  • PlanetPS2 - "Given the relatively short gameplay time it\\'s not the best value for your money, but Kri manages to be fun while it lasts something that can\\'t be said about a lot of other games." Review by Benjamin Turner with overall score [78] and screen sho
  • Contact Music - It is very playable and has impressive sound, action-adventure graphics and reviews and previews some pretty original ideas too. [7.5/10]
  • Snackbar Games - "The mix of brutality and stealth are a action-adventure welcome addition mark of kri, the to this 3d action game. The action-adventure combat system is unique mark of kri, the and implemented perfectly." Review action-adventure by Snowcone.
  • Gaming Age - "The Mark of Kri is a decent adventure action-adventure that just mark of kri, the needs a few more open-ended options action-adventure to make it great." mark of kri, the Review by Marcus action-adventure Lai with score [B].

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