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"Maximo: Ghosts to Glory is the kind of action-platform game that every console system used to have and still should have in its library." Review by Douglass C. Perry.

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  • Gamer's Hell - Review, with screen shots. Score: 8 out of 10.
  • Gaming Age - "A challenge is good. But there are cheap maximo - ghosts maximo series to glory deaths-a-plenty in Maximo. If players miss a platform maximo maximo series - ghosts to glory jump in lava or sludge, Maximo dies, maximo series rather maximo - ghosts to glory than lose a piece of maximo series armor." Review maximo - ghosts to glory by Marcus Lai maximo series with score [B].
  • - Maximo is a really entertaining 3D platformer with very few maximo - ghosts to glory rough edges. [8/10]
  • Into Liquid Sky - "It\\'s nice to have a platformer with some challenge and maximo series a reason to play it over and over again (especially maximo series if you want unlock some of the hidden specials, like maximo series game art)." Review by Kinderfeld.
  • Armchair Empire - Review by Doug Flowe with score [6/10] and maximo series screen shots.
  • Maxim Online - "When Maximo loses his shirt in battle, he\\'s maximo - ghosts reviews and previews to glory literally stripped to his skivvies, and even upon maximo reviews and previews - ghosts to glory his death he can still negotiate with reviews and previews the maximo - ghosts to glory Grim Reaper for extra lives." reviews and previews Reviewed by maximo - ghosts to glory Alex Porter.
  • - Review by Hector Guzman, with screen shots. Score: maximo series 90 out of 100.
  • PlanetPS2 - "This is a game so polished, large in scope, demanding maximo series in nature, and fun to play, that it finally delivers maximo series a video game first - this is a remake that maximo series more than fills the boots of its original. Platforming game maximo series perfection, that's as tough as old boot
  • Game Revolution - "Maximo: Ghosts to Glory is a great next-gen trip down memory lane. It looks good and had some fun enemies to trounce. But if you\\'re not from the old school, make sure you rent before running outside in your best pair of boxers." Review by G-Wo
  • Maximo Ghosts to Glory Fan Page - Cheats, walkthrough, pictures and general information.
  • GameSpot - "Maximo\\'s repertoire of moves is nothing to scoff at when reviews and previews compared with other games in its genre, but things can reviews and previews still become repetitive." Review by Shane Satterfield with screen reviews and previews shots.
  • GameZone - "Maximo: Ghosts to Glory is everything I hoped for and maximo series a whole lot more." Reviewed by Louis Bedigian with maximo series screen shots.
  • GamePro - "Maximo is highly recommended for anyone looking for a great maximo series dose of old school action or just plain great action maximo series period. You get everything from a damsel in distress to maximo series level after level of evil ghouls, and you don\\'t have maximo series to beat the game twice to s
  • ign - "Maximo: Ghosts to Glory is the kind of action-platform game maximo series that every console system used to have and still should maximo series have in its library." Review by Douglass C. Perry.

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