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"Minority Report has its moments, but due to the reprehensible camera, loose weapon controls and repetitive gameplay, there's just not enough here to warrant a purchase." Review by Lee Cieniawa with score [6/10] and screen shots. [Xbox]

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  • The Armchair Empire - "Activision\\'s game is too clogged with flaws, which hold it back from being a serious competitor." Review by Siddharth Masand with score [4/10] and screen shots. [PlayStation 2]
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  • - [39/100] Review by David Hodgson. "No, hunting season minority report is reviews and previews officially on for Fox Interactive and Activision minority report suits who reviews and previews green-lit this lamentable disaster, gave Treyarch minority report impossible deadlines, told reviews and previews it to steal the fighting minority report engine from Spider-Man, axed reviews and previews any
  • - "Sadly, Minority Report does not have the same high-flying thrills as the film version and it definitely does not offer much of a real challenge either." Review by Nick Valentino with overall score [6.0] and screen shots. [Xbox]
  • GameSpot - "Minority Report\\'s uneven presentation and its incongruence with the spirit of the movie make it just another bad licensed-property video game." Review by Matthew Gallant with score [4.1] and screen shots. [PlayStation 2]
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