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Shifters is an action-adventure game for the Sony PlayStation 2 released in 2002. It is produced by 3DO. Your world has begun to change. Bizarre deadly creatures of metal and flesh roam the lands, their origin a complete mystery to those who can survive their attacks. Odd contraptions and structures of steel and steam have begun to replace once quaint medieval villages. The order of the very universe is shifting, and somehow, you know there is a connection between these bizarre changes and your own newfound power to shapeshift. Chaos has begun to ravage the kingdom, and the very magic which preserved the order of existence has is fading. It's up to you to find the artifact and face the madman before the magic that holds the universe together is lost forever. Battle all-new enemies, travel to new worlds, and develop your strengths. Use your power to shapeshift into numerous powerful forms in your quest. Only you can reverse the paradox and prevent the total destruction both worlds.

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