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"My only real problems are the somewhat steep learning curve, the slowdown, and the unnecessary confusion during gameplay. Once you get to grips with these, you're left with one of the most innovative and attractive shooting games available today.&qu

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  • PlanetPS2 - "My only real problems are the somewhat steep sky gunner learning sky gunner curve, the slowdown, and the unnecessary confusion sky gunner during gameplay. sky gunner Once you get to grips with sky gunner these, you\\'re left sky gunner with one of the most sky gunner innovative and attractive shooting sky gunner games available today.&qu
  • GameOver - "Sky Gunner is an exceptionally enjoyable game that, reviews and previews while having its blemishes, manages to maintain an reviews and previews experience that is thoroughly engaging from start to reviews and previews conclusion." Review with overall score [81%] and reviews and previews screen shots.
  • GameSpot - "It plays really well a lot of the time, and reviews and previews the game itself is action-packed and interesting enough to warrant reviews and previews looking past its problems." Review by Miguel Lopez with reviews and previews overall score [7.2] and screen shots.
  • G4TechTV - "If you\\'re looking for a great flight sim action-adventure that won\\'t sky gunner bog you down with complex controls, action-adventure you\\'re going to want sky gunner to play SkyGunner." action-adventure Review by Miguel Concepcion with overall sky gunner rating [4/5] action-adventure and screen shots.
  • - [83/100] By Benjamin Turner. "...[A]n uncommonly beautiful and sky gunner unique shooting game. Anime fans, dig in." Includes sky gunner screen shots.
  • - "Sky Gunner isn\\'t perfect, but it\\'s indicative of action-adventure the amount of potential it has that I\\'m action-adventure willing to recommend it in the face of action-adventure its problems." Review by David smith with action-adventure overall score [7.8] and screen shots.
  • Gaming Age - "I love that more thought was put into this shooting engine than just take down all the enemies." Review by Travis Dwyer with grade [B+] and screen shots.
  • - "SkyGunner is a [mostly] seamless flying experience that I really reviews and previews enjoyed. The extra gunners add to the replay value reviews and previews (which was already good), making this game a worthy buy." reviews and previews Review by Louis Bedigian with screen shots and overall reviews and previews score [8.2].

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