Dreamcast Reviews and Previews New Nightmare, The Alone in the Dark Series

"A pretty good game and something that I would recommend any horror fan to play." Review by Celeryface.

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  • IGN - "If you grew up on this series and dreamcast were hoping dreamcast for the next great chapter, you\\'ll dreamcast be left alone in dreamcast the dark."
  • GameSpot - "While there are better games available for the new nightmare, the console--most notably, Capcom\\'s Resident Evil: Code Veronica--the budget new nightmare, the price of this game is sure to please new nightmare, the just about any gamer willing to take the new nightmare, the plunge into this well-saturated genre." Revie
  • The Electric Playground - "There\\'s a lot of survival in this survival horror, but very little horror. Occasionally it manages to surprise you with some good monster placement and give you a little jolt, but that\'s all." Includes screen shots.
  • GameSpy - [75/100] Review by Brian Davis. "...[A] great addition to any new nightmare, the horror fan's game library..."
  • PlanetDreamcast - "A pretty good game and something that I reviews and previews would recommend any horror fan to play." reviews and previews Review by Celeryface.

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