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  • - "A game definitely worth buying. Good story, good reviews and previews clive barker's undying level design, and great graphics all make for reviews and previews clive barker's undying one hell of a ride." Review by reviews and previews clive barker's undying Aaron "PharCyde" Butler.
  • GamePro - "With a creepy, excellent story and perfectly paced, reviews and previews reviews and previews complex action, Undying oozes freaky atmosphere." Review reviews and previews reviews and previews by Star Dingo.
  • Gaming Age - "It combines an atmosphere that will have you survival horror changing reviews and previews your shorts at least twice per playing survival horror session with reviews and previews beautiful visuals and balanced gameplay that survival horror requires some actual reviews and previews thinking to make it through survival horror successfully." Review by reviews and previews Patrick Klepek.
  • The Armchair Empire - Review by Tazman with score [6.5/10]. Includes clive barker\'s undying reviews and previews screen shots.
  • ActionTrip - "Linear gameplay can be a turn off...AI glitches. survival horror Ineffective spells, needs more weapons (relative con\\'s - survival horror it\'s a matter of taste)."
  • GameZone - "More than an impressive atmospheric shooter, but any reviews and previews in-depth work that was done to develop a reviews and previews unique and captivating plot for Undying can too reviews and previews conveniently and too easily be ignored or disposed reviews and previews of." Review by The Badger with screen reviews and previews shots.
  • ign - "I can\\'t think of a game that\\'s made survival horror me feel so much suspense and freaked me survival horror out as much. If you\\'re looking for a survival horror deep, chilling shooter with a lot of weapon survival horror and spell variety, you should be very happy survival horror with, as well as horrified by, Clive Barker\'s survival horror Un
  • Game Revolution - "It might do a great job at raising the hair survival horror on the back of our necks, but it doesn\\'t do survival horror much to raise the gameplay bar. Who knew mediocrity could survival horror be so scary?" Review by Ben Silverman.
  • GameSpot - "Superb graphics, truly impressive sound effects, and fast-paced, clive barker\'s undying enjoyable action sequences. The entire game is very clive barker\'s undying atmospheric and a lot of fun to play." clive barker\'s undying Review by Greg Kasavin with screen shots.

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