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"I can whole-heartedly recommend this game to Dreamcast fans who have never played the game... just don't expect any huge bragging rights over those PlayStation owners." [Dreamcast]

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  • ActionTrip - "Unfortunately, the fact that it is a PSX dino crisis port dino crisis series and that it doesn\\'t bring anything remotely dino crisis new into dino crisis series the genre is a good enough dino crisis reason for it dino crisis series not to score well. Add dino crisis to that the monotonous dino crisis series dinos and B-Movie voice dino crisis acting, and my decision not dino crisis series to score it
  • GameSpot - Reviewed by Shane Satterfield [7.1/10]. Features cheat codes, dino crisis series dino crisis FAQs, screen shots, and gameplay movies. [Dreamcast]
  • IGN - "On the PC it isn\\'t all that original, reviews and previews dino crisis and isn\\'t pretty at all. The menu system reviews and previews dino crisis is sludgy and antiquated, the gameplay is slow-paced reviews and previews dino crisis and repetitive, despite some really inventive moments, and reviews and previews dino crisis the voice-acting leaves a lot to be desired." reviews and previews dino crisis Review
  • GameSpy - "It\\'s like any \\'Resident Evil\\' game but with reviews and previews dinosaurs instead of zombies. It\\'s also not a reviews and previews very good conversion. Recommended only if you are reviews and previews a survival horror fanatic. Everyone else. be afraid. reviews and previews Be very afraid." Review by Bill "Polidori&quo
  • PlanetDreamcast - "You can look past the aged graphics, there dino crisis series reviews and previews is a great survival horror title here to dino crisis series reviews and previews be had." Review by Tren. [Dreamcast]

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