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"A game that initially turned me off completely, but somehow managed to keep me playing 'til the end." Review by Jim Cordeira.

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  • - "A little more depth to the story would survival horror have extermination helped this title in a major way." survival horror Review by extermination Russell Garbutt with overall score [70/100] survival horror and screen shots.
  • GamePro - "The total lack of a cluttered HUD, the extermination animation, and reviews and previews the graphic detail are all good extermination points, but lazy mistakes reviews and previews and no palpable sense extermination of fear make Extermination more annoying reviews and previews than alarming." extermination Review by Dan Elektro.
  • GameZone - "Unless you have a lot of extra fifties extermination lying around, spend your money elsewhere." Reviewed extermination by Louis Bedigian with screen shots.
  • ign - "An above average game and nothing more...It\\'s not that bad, though. Not bad at all." Review by David Zdyrko.
  • PlanetPS2 - "It\\'s mechanics and gameplay may annoy you, but if you extermination liked John Carpenter\\'s version of "The Thing," you should be extermination able to buy into (and enjoy) the storyline." Review extermination by Russell Garbutt.
  • Gaming Age - "A game that initially turned me off completely, extermination but somehow managed to keep me playing \\'til extermination the end." Review by Jim Cordeira.
  • G4TechTV - "Survival horror veterans will be drawn to Extermination survival horror right up to the very end, but casual survival horror gamers might find this title hard to swallow survival horror because of its inconsistent presentation, low replay value survival horror and mediocre story."
  • The Electric Playground - "Theres no compelling reason to pull you though the game, survival horror like Max Paynes revenge theme or Solid Snakes score to survival horror settle with his ex-teammates."
  • GameSpot - "It never quite comes together in as compelling extermination a fashion extermination as others of its class. It\\'s extermination far from being poor extermination and is certainly entertaining extermination at times--it just lacks the originality extermination and extra extermination level of polish needed to provide a truly extermination extermination memorable gaming expe
  • Game Revolution - "The multitude of enemies, unique implementation of the SPR4 and a few nicely done weather effects make for a solid experience, though this is ultimately undermined by the twitchy control, awful camera and lack of free movement." Review by A. A
  • Maxim Online - "Instead of marching towards you as you rip reviews and previews them apart with machine gun fire, these nasties reviews and previews scuttle and run like.real bugs. It\\'s enough to reviews and previews give you the willies." Reviewed by Eric reviews and previews Alt.

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