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"As much fun as a night of B-grade horror flicks. This would be a great game to play on a dark and stormy weekend, alone, in the dark." [Nintendo 64]

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  • The Electric Playground - "As much fun as a night of B-grade nightmare creatures horror flicks. This would be a great game nightmare creatures to play on a dark and stormy weekend, nightmare creatures alone, in the dark." [Nintendo 64]
  • GameSpot - "This port of the PlayStation game carries over the original\\'s reviews and previews infuriating control and shallow gameplay to make for a short-lived reviews and previews but pretty-looking Tomb Raider knockoff." Review by Greg Kasavin reviews and previews with screen shots. [Windows]
  • Game Revolution - "Nightmare Creatures is a fun game that is comically gory. nightmare creatures series Despite a few frustrating levels and a couple of blocky nightmare creatures series characters, it\\'s a jolly diversion and a chilling ride. Grab nightmare creatures series your weapon and steel your nerve, there are monsters out nightmare creatures series there." Rev
  • Absolute Playstation - "Nightmare Creatures is a very challenging game. The nightmare creatures 16 levels are varied and interesting to play. nightmare creatures Couple this with the choice of two completely nightmare creatures different characters and you have yourself a game nightmare creatures with some pretty good staying power." [PlayStation
  • IGN - "Ultimately, the positives far outweigh the negatives in Nightmare Creatures. nightmare creatures It\\'s spooky, challenging, and a hell of a lot of nightmare creatures fun." Review by Adam Douglas. [PlayStation]

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