Reviews and Previews Genma Onimusha Onimusha Series Survival Horror

"Aside from this new green soul system, there's been added levels, enemies, and even new super attacks in Genma Onimusha." Preview by Anthony Chau.

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  • GameZone - "Genma Onimusha takes place in a world of darkness and onimusha series magic, when power hungry warlords battle for..." Review by onimusha series The Badger with screen shots.
  • GamePro - "Even if you played the original Onimusha on genma onimusha the onimusha series PS2 within an inch of its life, genma onimusha Genma provides onimusha series enough new elements to merit repeating genma onimusha the adventure. But onimusha series beware newbies: This game is genma onimusha tough." Review by onimusha series Major Mike with screen genma onimusha shots.
  • PlanetXbox - "A little short and the camera is wonky at times, genma onimusha but neither of those complaints can derail this excellent game. genma onimusha If you enjoy survival-horror games, this is one title you genma onimusha can\\'t afford to miss." Preview by Willam Harms with genma onimusha screen shots.
  • Team Xbox - "All of this beauty doesn\\'t come without a reviews and previews price, however. Because the levels and their separate reviews and previews areas are so detailed, the game must take reviews and previews the time to load up each segment." reviews and previews Review by Delvael with screen shots.
  • Game Revolution - "An extremely solid game. It retains the amazing reviews and previews reviews and previews graphics and fun gameplay of the original and reviews and previews reviews and previews throws in a few new features for good reviews and previews reviews and previews measure." Review by Brian Gee.
  • Gaming Age - "The title uses several techniques to enhance gameplay, and for the most part, pulls it off with flying blood splats."
  • ign - "Aside from this new green soul system, there\\'s onimusha series been onimusha series added levels, enemies, and even new super onimusha series attacks in onimusha series Genma Onimusha." Preview by Anthony onimusha series Chau.
  • The Electric Playground - "Starts off with one of the best opening genma onimusha scenes of any game in the last few genma onimusha years."
  • GameSpot - "An ideal port--one that significantly improves upon the original game rather than adequately adapting it." Review by Joe Fielder with screen shots and score.

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