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  • - "Nobody likes to miss out on a superb game, especially reviews and previews one that is as enjoyable as Onimusha 2. reviews and previews If I haven\\'t convinced you to buy it then at reviews and previews least rent Onimusha 2. I am willing to bet reviews and previews that a rental will quickly turn into a purchase." reviews and previews Review b
  • - "A lot of effort has been put in reviews and previews to Onimusha 2 and graphically it is stunning. reviews and previews The style and characters all add to Onimusha reviews and previews brand atmosphere but unfortunately the translation can destroy reviews and previews the atmosphere like a wrecking ball." Includes overall reviews and previews sco
  • - "Longer, deeper, and more personal than the original, fans of Warlords, Resident Evil, and the like have their next great adventure right in front of them." Review by Jeremy Dunham with overall score [8.9] and screen shots.
  • G4TechTV - "Anyone looking for a great hack-and-slash adventure will be more than satisfied with "Onimusha 2." You still have to put up with funky camera angles, but the overall control is more than sufficient to get you though this 10-hour-plus trek.
  • GamePro - "Onimusha 2 will take place 10 years after reviews and previews onimusha 2 - samurai's destiny the original game and will feature a new reviews and previews onimusha 2 - samurai's destiny samurai warrior, Juubei Yagyuu." Preview by Major reviews and previews onimusha 2 - samurai's destiny Mike with screen shots.
  • GameZone - "Onimusha 2 features diverse environments, enhanced sword action, and new onimusha 2 - samurai's destiny character interaction." Preview with screen shots.
  • GameSpot - "This is a graphically stunning game with a distinctive style, onimusha series some great character designs, and plenty of pretty scenery. It\\'s onimusha series also a fun action game to boot, and a faithful onimusha series though somewhat uninspired sequel." Review by Greg Kasavin with onimusha series scree
  • GameSpy - [83/100] Review with screen shots by Matt Chandronait. onimusha 2 - samurai\'s destiny "The polished combat system and extremely high-quality artwork onimusha 2 - samurai\'s destiny more than make up for the game\\'s few onimusha 2 - samurai's destiny shortcomings."
  • - "Onimusha 2: Samurai\\'s Destiny is a worthy successor to the first game as it features enough new elements and excellent replay value. Here\\'s another Onimusha that does the PlayStation 2 justice." Review by Major Mike with scores and screen shot

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