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"The games visuals are also very good and help to set the mood, cinematics allow you to see expressions on each players face, a very impressive feature of the game." Features screenshots and overall score [7/10].

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  • Game Revolution - "RE: Dead Aim isn\\'t the first gun game reviews and previews to try taking you out of the arcade reviews and previews and off the rail, but it\\'s the first reviews and previews one to do it well. I found it reviews and previews innovative and engrossing, and I think it\\'s a reviews and previews great new direction for both the genre of reviews and previews light gun games and
  • Gaming Nexus - [7.3/10] Review by Charlie Sinhaseni with screen shots. resident evil series reviews and previews "Surprisingly decent light-gun shooter."
  • - "The games visuals are also very good and dead aim help dead aim to set the mood, cinematics allow you dead aim to see dead aim expressions on each players face, a dead aim very impressive feature dead aim of the game." Features dead aim screenshots and overall score dead aim [7/10].
  • Boomtown - [8/10] Review by James Hamer-Morton with screen shots. dead aim "Escaping resident evil series and killing those zombies will become fun dead aim in a resident evil series masochistic way."
  • - "Personally, I have fun with the Gun Survivor series. I dead aim like the freedom of being able to move my character dead aim around combined with the light gun shooting. I am also dead aim a fan of Resident Evil. For anyone else, though, it\\'s dead aim not a very deep game." Revi
  • GamesFirst - [4/5] Review by Eric Qualls. "A surprisingly fun way to kill time." With screen shots.
  • Maxim Online - "It\\'s a nice combination of horror and hysterics, dead aim a dead aim fresh take long overdue with this style dead aim of game." dead aim Reviewed by Ryan Boyce.
  • - "Resident Evil: Dead Aim is an interesting action/shooter and a worthy side story for the series. Forget about the ill-fated Survivor-Dead Aim is a first-person Resident Evil game that works." Review by Major Mike with scores.
  • GameSpy - [74/100] Review by Zach "Freelance Weasel" Meston. "Very reviews and previews cool combination of gameplay elements."
  • WorthPlaying - [8/10] Review by Thomas Wilde with screen shots. resident evil series "This is probably the best zombie-oriented shooter around."

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