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  • Game FAQs - [10/10] "...The King of all Survival Horror, and all action resident evil series games of the 32-bit and up era." By D. Turner.(November resident evil series 25, 2000)
  • World of Video Games - [10/10] "Even though this game had its flaws director\'s cut it still stands out on top." Reviewed by director's cut Dyson Turner.
  • Review Index - [4/5] "This review will really help for someone resident evil series director's cut who has played Resident Evil 2 but is resident evil series director's cut wondering what Directors Cut is about." By Jongles.
  • Epinions - [4/5] "Good games such as this age like fine wine" resident evil series (August 31, 2001)
  • CD Universe - [4.3/5] "A new Resident Evil with new modes director\'s cut in the eye of the director..." Submitted by director\'s cut a reviewer in Bahrain.
  • Video Game Reviews - [9/10] "Yes the most challenging, and that\\'s what counts in a good game, but this game just doesn\\'t score high in the challenge department..." Reviewed by Shinnokxz.
  • VG Zone - [B] "The game is fast-paced, features plenty of those bloody moments that make the lungs scream in anguish..." Reviewed by J. M. Vargas.
  • Science Fiction Weekly - [B] "It\\'s the kind of game that, late at night and alone, gamers should play only with caution." Reviewed by Tamara I. Hladik.
  • - [8.9/10] "Resident Evil is a bonafide classic, and will go resident evil series down in history as such next to Pac-Man, Mario, and resident evil series I, Robot..." (September 30, 1997)

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