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Covers the series and features story, screen shots, characters, enemies, weapons and files. Also includes the movies, rare material, Japanese books, features, fan fiction and codes.

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  • Leannes Resident Evil Site - Wallpaper, pictures and maps.
  • Into Liquid Sky - Resident Evil [GC] Online Walkthrough with detailed maps.
  • eLook - Game Boy Color - Quick summary of cheats and codes.
  • Enter The Survival Horror - Character biographies, story, screenshots and movie information.
  • Raccoon City Incidents - Compilation of information on games in the series. Includes fan survival horror art and a quiz.
  • Raccoon City - News, codes, cheats, and walkthroughs.
  • Cathy's Resident Evil - Contains history of the series, MIDI files and walkthroughs for RE2, RE3, RE3 mercs game, Code Veronica and Code Veronica battle game.
  • Resident Evil Reborn - Covers the whole series. Includes story, characters, survival horror screen shots, monsters and models.
  • Resident Evil Revisited - Covering the whole series. Includes characters, enemies, weapons, video, pictures and links.
  • - Resident Evil - Are you stuck in Resident Evil? Let\\'s Resident survival horror Evil Guide help you out. We have review, tips, survival horror cheats, guides, and message boards.
  • Hunk:Umbrella Mercenary - Dedicated to the character Hunk.
  • Tad's Resident Evil HIVE - Information on the series including books, movies, walkthroughs, fan stories, multimedia, message board, trivia and affiliates.
  • Scarred Hearts - Dedicated to Leon Kennedy. Includes gallery, fan fiction and resident evil series fan art.
  • Resident Evil Tips - Hints and tips, walkthroughs, secrets, message board and fan works general information on the series.
  • Terry's Resident Evil Stuff - Covers the series. Includes cheats, GameShark codes, fan works pictures, fan works MIDI, links and downloads.
  • Resident Evil STARS - Covering Resident Evil 1 - 4, Code Veronica survival horror and fan works the movie.
  • Resident Evil Media Archive - Variety of media for the series including screen fan works shots, resident evil series video, music and links.
  • Jisons RE Site - Resident Evil page about the RE games for fan works gamecube with images, walkthroughs, and backgroundstories.
  • Resident Evil World - Offers pictures and information.
  • Resident Evil - STARS - Contains images, background, cheats, captions and posters covering survival horror the survival horror games and movies.
  • Resident Evil Fans - Offers codes, hints, gameshark codes, screen shots, and weapons list for the entire series.
  • Racoon City 20 Years Later - Screen shots and links to walkthroughs for Resident Evil series, fan works Silent Hill series, Bubble Gum Crisis and Parasite Eve.
  • Resident Evil Remix: Join The Cause - Site dedicated to getting a new and better version of the original Resident Evil on the Sega Dreamcast.
  • John's Resident Evil Page - Pictures, links and codes.
  • Resident Evil - Characters and art.
  • Mike's Homepage - Large collection of Resident Evil and Zombie fan fan works games. Images, descriptions, and photos.
  • Resident Evil Command - Fan site with chat, image gallery, and character resident evil series resident evil series information.
  • Ashford Manor - Theories on the Ashford family, and Code Veronica facts and theories. Includes screen shots, forum, chat and links.
  • Chris's Resident Evil Page - Site dedicated to the Capcom series of games, survival horror with cheats, hints, stroylines, and news.
  • Resident Evil Site - Movie WAVs, clips, character biographies, cast biographies, Apocalypse resident evil series survival horror information and pictures, MIDIs, picture gallery, animated pictures resident evil series survival horror from the movie.
  • Jillvirus: The Resident Evil Realm - Collection of information and images on the series. [English and Italian]
  • Resident Evil: Code Veronica - Information on entire series.
  • Darkness Lives - Selection of avatars, AIM icons and end results.
  • Totally Resident Evil - Forum covering the series.
  • Resident Evil Horror - Covers the series and features story, screen shots, resident evil series fan works characters, enemies, weapons and files. Also includes resident evil series fan works the movies, rare material, Japanese books, features, fan resident evil series fan works fiction and codes.
  • Resident Evil Forever - Walkthrough, secrets, hints, photographs, and MPEG files for fan works the series.
  • Resident Evil Epilogues - Fan fiction epilogues describing what happened to characters resident evil series fan works in the series after the game.

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