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"In the end, Resident Evil is a rare gem that has not only been able to make the jump from a video game to a computer game nearly flawlessly but has done so almost two years after it was originally released." Review by Ryan Mac Donald with scor

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  • GameSpot - "In the end, Resident Evil is a rare resident evil gem reviews and previews that has not only been able to resident evil make the reviews and previews jump from a video game to resident evil a computer game reviews and previews nearly flawlessly but has done resident evil so almost two years reviews and previews after it was originally resident evil released." Review by Ryan reviews and previews Mac Donald with resident evil scor
  • Game Revolution - "All together, Resident Evil is a very impressive reviews and previews package. This is exactly the kind of revolutionary reviews and previews title that we applaud. Sure, others like it reviews and previews will come along, some will even surpass it, reviews and previews but hats off to Resident Evil for getting reviews and previews there first. Even d
  • IGN - Preview. "On March 22, 2002 the company released a remake resident evil series of the original Resident Evil for GameCube in Japan complete resident evil series with a totally revamped look supported by all sorts of resident evil series fantastic fresh technology." [GameCube]
  • Absolute Playstation: Resident Evil - Detailed staff game review, with ratings. [PlayStation]
  • Armchair Empire - Review by Omni, [Score: 9/10]. "As I navigated the halls resident evil of Resident Evil\\'s creepy mansion, blasting zombies, escaping from traps, resident evil and marveling at the graphics, I couldn\\'t help but wonder resident evil how much the mansion would sell for if it was resident evil on the market.&

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