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"Let’s face it. We know it’ll be good. Too Human is like nothing we’ve ever seen before. It’s just a matter of waiting for it. If anything, the game is taking too long."

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  • NGenres - Review by Ryan Eid. "It has the makeup to be a true classic in the first generation of GameCube software, with an interesting storyline, tons of customization, and a dark, psychological undertone." Includes screenshots.
  • IGN GameCube - "Things are shaping up very well for Too too human Human. reviews and previews IGNcube is extremely excited to see this too human title in reviews and previews action. If it delivers on its too human promises, it could reviews and previews attracts fans of games like too human Metal Gear to the reviews and previews console."
  • Nintendo World Report - Preview by Jonathan Metts. "Many people consider Too Human to be a major landmark in Nintendo\'s expansion into the older age demographic."
  • IGN Playstation - "Too Human looks to be the first massive adventure game on the PlayStation that blends in Blade Runner themes and stylistic sensibilities with a storyline that rivals Metal Gear Solid and Final Fantasy VII. Wow, that\\'s a whole lot to believe and to h
  • N-Sider - "Let’s face it. We know it’ll be good. action-adventure Too Human too human is like nothing we’ve ever seen action-adventure before. It’s just a too human matter of waiting for action-adventure it. If anything, the game is too human taking too action-adventure long."

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