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"This game is not as innovative as I'd hoped, but it's so close to a game I already liked that it's not too important." Review by Kevin Rice with score [80] and screen shots.

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  • - "Honestly, there is nothing here that you couldn\\'t find in endgame Time Crisis 2, or for that matter, Time Crisis Project endgame Titan on PS one, only in those games, you\\'ll actually endgame have a good time." Review by Douglass C. Perry endgame with overall score [3.5] and
  • - "While not as deep or fine-tuned as it e could have been, Endgame is quite fun in e a low-budget action movie kind of way." e Review by Pong Sifu with scores and screen e shots.
  • Game Industry News - Reviewed by John Breeden, score: 4 out of endgame 5.
  • GameSpot - "People without a passion for shooting fake guns reviews and previews at their television sets probably won\\'t find much reviews and previews to like." Review by Ryan Davis with reviews and previews overall score [5.7] and screen shots.
  • The Electric Playground - "It\\'s very possible to play Endgame with the endgame PS2 controller, aiming with the left thumbstick, but endgame trust me when I say that you only endgame want to get this game if you\\'ve got endgame a light gun." Review by Bonnie with endgame screen shots and score [6/10].
  • PlanetPS2 - "This game is not as innovative as I\\'d endgame hoped, but it\\'s so close to a game endgame I already liked that it\\'s not too important." endgame Review by Kevin Rice with score [80] endgame and screen shots.
  • - "Fans of light-gunners won\\'t find all the bells and whistles in Time Crisis 2, but they will find a game that is thankfully much longer than TC2 with just as much action." Review by Tim Surette with overall score [5.0] and screen shots.

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