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"One of the best party games I've ever played." Review by Pete Calderwood with screen shots and rating.

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  • - "Fuzion Frenzy is actually worth playing with your reviews and previews reviews and previews friends. Not just for laughs either, but for reviews and previews reviews and previews the entertainment value. It\\'s hard to believe, I reviews and previews reviews and previews know. But this game is a blast." reviews and previews reviews and previews Review by Louis Bedigian with screen shots.
  • GameSpot - Reviewed by: Ryan Davis, score 6.7/10. "Though far reviews and previews f from perfect, Fuzion Frenzy can be fun for reviews and previews f short periods of time."
  • - "Good but unspectacular graphics and above-average sounds almost forgive the simple-but-clunky controls." Review by the D-Pad Destroyer with screen shots.
  • IGN - Reviewed by: Vincent Lopez, score 8.3/10. "Welcome to fuzion frenzy the best party game yet."
  • The Electric Playground - "At times engaging and at others frustrating, but still sporting fuzion frenzy a striking visual design, Fuzion Frenzy is worth a rental fuzion frenzy for your next party or to check out for an fuzion frenzy eventual buy."
  • G4TechTV - "It\\'s offbeat, diverse, and boisterous, and the cool graphics and fuzion frenzy variety of things to do give \'Frenzy\' a singular distinction fuzion frenzy in the Xbox library."
  • Armchair Empire - Review by Omni with score [5.2/10] and screen reviews and previews shots.
  • PlanetXbox - "There are three AI settings, but \\'easy\\' is little more fuzion frenzy than an excuse to explore the game types without any fuzion frenzy real competition. \\'Medium\\' and \\'hard\\' pit you against \\'way too fuzion frenzy hard\\' and \\'next to impossible\\' opponents, respectively." Review by fuzion frenzy Tom C
  • Game Revolution - "As a rental for a night with friends, f Fuzion Frenzy reviews and previews rocks." Review by Brian Gee f with rating.
  • XBOX - "One of the best party games I\\'ve ever reviews and previews played." Review by Pete Calderwood with screen reviews and previews shots and rating.

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