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[9/10] "The levels aren't a cakewalk, either: if you get through them without losing at least one ship, you're lying."

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  • WorthPlaying Review - [9/10] "The levels aren\\'t a cakewalk, either: if iridion ii you get through them without losing at least iridion ii one ship, you're lying."
  • Review - [73/100] By Benjamin Turner. "Iridion II is still a decent game so far as pocket shooters go."
  • - Official site. Players can upload their scores for the World i Challenge. Also includes game description, FAQ, videos and wallpapers.
  • Review - [8/10] By Ted Brockwood. "If you\\'re a fan iridion series of i the old-school space shooter, Iridion II is iridion series just what i you're looking for."
  • Gamespot Review - [8.2/10] By Frank Provo. "It looks gorgeous, sounds iridion series great, i and plays at least as well as iridion series many of i the classics of yesteryear."

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