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This category lists sites that are specifically about Metroid Prime, a video game for Nintendo GameCube.

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GameFAQs* - Includes FAQs and guides, codes and secrets, game saves, reviews, message board, and general game information.

  • Metroid Prime - Gamespy Network\\'s download site. Updates and add-ons that are mostly for commercial Windows games.
  • GameSpy - Offers cheats for the game.
  • Yes' Metroid Prime - Includes power-ups, worlds, movie, screenshots, suits, news, and links.
  • IGN: Metroid Prime - Contains news, reviews, FAQs, cheats, guides and message boards.
  • MP - Ultimate Metroid - From Australia; includes information about Samus and the m storyline, items, and news.
  • Metroid Prime Guide - Covers story, controls, hints and strategies, enemies, item metroid prime locations, log book scans, endings, FAQ, and walkthrough.
  • Love = Metroid Prime - Offers screenshots, forum, and Chozo and Space Pirates m stories.
  • GameStats - Metroid Prime - Contains news, previews, video, screen shots, reviews and m popularity ranking.
  • Realm of Gaming - Contains cheats for the game.
  • Speed Demos Archive - Metroid Prime - The fastest available speed runs of Metroid Prime, metroid prime with m and without 100% items.

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