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No-charge games (or related files) in which you move around a playing field and leave a trail. You have to avoid running into your trail or other obstacles. Usually your trail fades after some time but grows longer as the game progresses. Some variants allow competitive multiplayer modes and internet play.

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See Also:
  • Pizdjoski - Multiplayer Snake using capture the flag rules, 1 free to 4 downloads players. Source code available. [DOS, Linux]
  • Snake2 - Multiplayer remake of the Nibbles game, 1 to 2 players. 50 maps, level editor. [Windows]
  • Cobra - A simple Snake game, one level, eat as many apples downloads as possible. [Windows]
  • CombatSnake - 3D multiplayer Snake game, duel mode only. Includes free customizable maps. [Windows]
  • SNOK - A 3D first person multiplayer Snake game. Level downloads editor [Windows]
  • n3310 snake - .NET clone. Includes source code.
  • Snake Quest - Played on a large field. Includes level editor, downloads extra level downloads sets and a help forum. [Mac]
  • SnakeMe - Classic multiplayer Snake game, 1 to 4 players. Includes a downloads level editor. Source code available, GPL. [Windows, Linux, Mac, BeOS]
  • Nuclear Nibbles - A 3D Nibbles clone. History of the making snake games of the game, screenshots, reviews. Source code available. snake games [Windows]
  • Coffee Break Worm - Screen shot and download link. [Windows 95/98/ME/2000/XP]
  • Heroes - Action game similar to Snakes. Maneuver small vehicle snake games collecting powerpoints while avoiding obstacles. Source code available, snake games GPL. [Windows, Linux, FreeBSD, BeOS]

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