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  • Vektor Space Home - School project, a 3D multiplayer lightcycle clone. Movement downloads is no tron games longer angled at 90 degrees. Screenshots downloads and artwork available. [Windows]
  • NaniTron - 3D clone of the classic TRON lightcycles game. Screenshots and tron games source code available. [Windows]
  • Cycles3D - 3D multiplayer Tron clone, 1 to 6 players. downloads Source code downloads available, GPL. [Windows, Linux]
  • Armagetron - A faithful multiplayer Tron lightcycle clone, 1 to downloads 4 players. 3D view, adjustable camera angles, source downloads code available, GPL. [Windows, Linux, Mac]
  • Super Cycle Arena - A 3D single player Tron lightcycle game. [Windows]
  • Revo Tron - Based on Tron\\'s lightcycle game. 3D view, single downloads player, screenshots downloads available. [Windows]
  • GLTron - 3D multiplayer motorcycle combat, inspired by the movie tron games Tron. Source code available, GPL [Windows, Linux, Mac]
  • UTron - For use with the Unreal Tournament game. TRON free elements are tron games recreated in the unreal game engine. free Forum, gallery and surveys tron games available. [Windows]
  • Lightcycles - A 3D single player Tron clone. Includes first downloads person view, downloads overhead view, 3/4 view. Strong AI. downloads [Windows]

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