Peasant's Quest Text Based Browser Based Adventure

Flash-based text adventure in which the hero, Rather Dashing, wears short short pants and sets out on a quest to destroy the dragon, Trogdor, who has burninated his village. Puzzles in the game include figuring out how to dress like a peasant, smell like a peasant, and be on fire like a peasant; an archery mini game; a rock climbing mini game; and a Trogdor trivia session. Written by the Homestar Runner team, the game is heavy on humor and parody. The game play is text input with 16 bit CGI graphics that parody the King's Quest series. Jokes abound at every turn.

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Editor's Picks:

Peasant's Quest* - Flash-based adventure game in which the hero, Rather Dashing, seeks revenge in 16 bit CGI color against the dragon, Trogdor, who burninated his village.

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